Tuesday, 18 July 2017

"I over analyse and overthink things, yes"

The end of another academic year looms large.
A year that has been the most rewarding of my career.
A year which has been emotionally, mentally and physically draining. Yet it ends more positively, in some respects, than it started. Things appear to be finally changing. Changing for the better. Progress.
Thoughts now turn to September and what opportunities it will bring. A new year. To develop, to learn, to practice, to grow.
This time of year is bittersweet. Relieved and ready for a period of renewal, yet faced again with your own mortality. Planning. The counting of half terms to come. Another year gone. 'This time next year'. It came and went. Reflection. This may sound maudlin, extreme. Yet it is what it is. And it happens at this point, every year. I just hope that 'this time next year' things have again changed for the better. Progress.
Never the less, August brings with it a sole focus - the MA.


- x ~

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