Sunday, 2 October 2016

"left of my right mind"

"left of my right mind"
It's been a busy month. Adjusting. Organising. Reorganising. Routine. Lists. Prioritising. Finding a balance. Finding a focus. Or maybe foci.

"start over"
Declutter. Slowly things become clear. Balanced. Focussed. Certain gaps remain, but they'll be filled. In time. Slowly.

It's been an interesting juxtaposition being both teacher and student. Planning and delivering workshops. Taking part in workshops. Leading discussions. Contributing to discussions. Giving feedback. Receiving feedback. Being open. Both roles informing and enhancing one another.

"but for now"
I need to unpick and unlearn, analyse and affirm. Refine my method(s/ology). Simplify. Respond. Develop. Refine.

"starts slow"
White walls. New notebooks. Words. White canvas. New pens. Sounds.
A future of pattern, texture, colour, noise. Of purpose.

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