Wednesday, 17 August 2016

"go away and write something"

"go away and write something"

Although this time I went away with the opposite intention. To not write anything. To write nothing. To not think. Look. Listen. Away from the constructed narratives and false realities of the digital age.

Again I took a small sketchbook and fineliner, just incase. But I didn't use it. I just looked, listened and thought.

"look up the roof is gone"
I am a nervous traveller/tourist and have suffered from a chronic fear of flying all of my adult life. But this year I finally chose to ignore it. And I flew - solo. I don't like it, I'll never enjoy it, but I did it anyway. I met four friends in Barcelona who had arrived a day earlier, all of whom also work in education. Although the teachers amongst us occasionally took photographs to use in future projects, work was off topic. Relax. Look. Listen.


"you can drive a car through my head"
After a night and busy morning in Barcelona we drove up to the South of France for a week of sightseeing.



Inspiration. Colours. Textures. Patterns. Ideas.

"thinking thoughts of playing more and singing loud and clear".
Always. People have asked and been interested to know my reasons for starting to write this blog (thank you for the all the positive and encouraging feedback). I'm finding it a cathartic and useful process, but the only reason I began to write publically is to find a way to discuss my work. To find my 'voice'?

A challenge for someone who greatly values privacy.

- x ~

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