Sunday, 24 July 2016

"tell me what it's all about"

"tell me what it's all about"

As a teacher and practitioner of Art and Design I am passionate about the invaluable role it can play in enriching, engaging and inspiring the lives, minds and environments of all in society. After six years teaching and (for the past three) leading the subject at a large secondary and sixth form academy in South Yorkshire, it is now the right time to further develop my own practice having arrived at a visual aesthetic and theoretical perspective which I now wish to explore further.

In September I begin a two year MA in Art and Design at Leeds Beckett University.  I've decided to record the experience here and on Instagram (@line_cross_curve), jotting down and sharing my processes, work, inspirations, thoughts etc. as I balance my studies with my teaching commitments.

"deeper understanding"

Here's an excerpt from my MA proposal . . .

Alfred Loos held the view that ‘products which both disguised their modes of construction through ornamental embellishment were out of tune with the Zeitgeist and exemplars of ‘bad’ design’. Le Corbusier shared this outlook claiming: “Trash is always abundantly decorated; the luxury object is well-made, neat and clean, pure and healthy' (Woodham, 1997). Both had what could be viewed as an elitist view of the use of ornament in design. As one who holds and applies modernist principles in their work, yet also appreciates the human need for decoration; the concept of ‘ornament’ being a ‘crime’ presents an interesting conflict and question – can a design still be classed as ‘modern’ if its function is for purely ornamental and decorative purposes? Is it 'post-modern' or even 're-modern'? It is this question I wish to further explore and respond to, finding a place for my work within contemporary theory and practice.

"and this line is your path"
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