Tuesday, 26 July 2016

""one straight line head on into the other""

"one straight line head on into the other"

This week I am focussing on finishing off the last in a series of prints/experiments based on studies I completed whilst visiting the Canary Islands last year.  Limiting myself to a small sketchbook, ruler and set of fine liners, alongside my camera phone, I aimed to visually record elements of the built environment which caught my eye, as simply and quickly as possible. This was an intentional approach, designed to get me to 'loosen up' and challenge the way I conduct primary research.

Over the past seven months I've continued to experiment and develop a range of ideas based on my initial sketches and photographs, using a combination of block, mono and collagraph printing techniques on both paper and fabric.

The collagraph below provided the inspiration for three large scale pieces on fabric, using a simple palette of grey, white and black.

"this chapter says"

With the start date of my MA fast approaching, I've felt the need to record the progress and processes used within this project as I complete what I feel are the final pieces; enabling me to focus solely on exploring, researching and developing my proposal further.

"give it time"

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